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I am Sam Jenkins

Sam is a London based consultant with experience in project and service management, as well as business change processes. He specialises in helping to deliver and support IT and technology systems.

About Sam

Headshot of Sam JenkinsComputer science, software development and technology-based projects have always fascinated me, so it was only natural that I would pursue a career in this fast-paced and exciting industry; not only to satisfy my own interests, but also to enable me to utilise my skill set to its greatest advantage. Working in this sector allows my strengths to flourish, providing me opportunities to problem solve, be technologically creative and lead projects with a focus on helping the client achieve their intention.

I first began developing software in 2004 and quickly surpassed my school teachers. After starting at university I chose to seek opportunities to turn this passion into a career, taking up a job at a small software house and doing small projects for other clients. This experiences contributed to solidifying my ambitions for a career in this sector, so when I completed my studies in 2011, I joined multinational defence, security and aerospace organisation BAE Systems. In my role here I developed software to validation communication standards. This experience later led me to take on greater challenges and opportunities as they arose within the business, for example I was able to complete numerous project management roles. A particularly memorable project for me was a year–long, million pound business change project, which involved moving the users from their existing system to a replacement system that would be used by hundreds of organisations. My most recent project on the other hand involves developing the services for a large programme of work, transitioning to sustainment.


BAE SystemsBAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Principal Consultant – October 2011 to Present

During my time at BAE Systems, I have worked in a wide variety of roles. Initially hired as a software developer, I designed and developed various technology solutions to validate communication standards.

I then accepted a position in the service management function for a medium-sized organisation. In this role, I helped to develop the existing processes in order to improve operational delivery, with my primary focus on Change Management.

For the majority of 2015 and 2016, I managed an array of projects. The projects ranged from small software development projects to a £1 million business change project, which was conducted over the course of a year. The business change project involved managing a team of between five and nine, working with organisations based all over the UK. I also had responsibility for the management of large data sets that were critical to the success to the rollout.

I also undertook my own initiatives in order to streamline workload processes and improve operational functionality. This included developing small Excel-based applications to automate some of the project management activities. This enabled me to create more time in my working schedule and to be more efficient overall. These applications proved to be so successful that they were then shared with other project managers within the organisation. In particular, one manager fed back that one of the applications I had developed had saved him over 550 hours of work, which he otherwise would have had to do manually.

I am currently working on writing the service processes for a large programme, which is transitioning to long-term sustainment. Additionally, I am moving the current Change Management tooling from a bespoke system to using standard IT Service Management tools.


Senior Database System Developer – Nov 2007 to Jun 2009 and Sept 2010 to Oct 2011

I joined Quinata as a Database System Developer, where I developed software for a variety of organisations using Microsoft Access. Clients that I worked with during this time included the NHS, household cleaning companies and a metal dealership. I continued this role until I started my placement year at university.

I re-joined Quinata after completing my placement year, bringing new experience of developing using VB.NET. I was tasked with developing the application framework for future projects using SQL Server and VB.NET. The framework handled user authentication, configurable menu control, automated update processes, and many other features required for developing bespoke systems. The framework I developed is still in use by Quinata today.

DMGTDaily Mail and General Trust, Pensions Department

Web Developer and Project Assistant – June 2009 to September 2010

During my time at DMGT Pensions, I was involved in maintaining and improving the department’s websites. This included the website for members who were enrolled in the pension scheme, as well as the websites for the chairs of the pension committee. As part of my work, I resolved a number of security issues with the site and improved the user functionality.
In addition to managing the websites, I was also involved in a large number of internal improvement projects. This included developing a number of tools designed to automate data uploading, complete error monitoring, and manage the local IT systems.

Furthermore, I was heavily involved in the creation of a series of videos that were shared with pension scheme members. This was well-received and contributed to the department being named Pension Scheme of the Year by Professional Pensions for delivering the “highest level of service and innovation” (link).


University of HertfordshireUniversity of Hertfordshire

MEng Computer Science (First) – August 2011

I joined the University of Hertfordshire to do a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, however due to my consistent high grades and determined work ethic, I was offered the opportunity to transfer to an accelerated master’s degree after my second year. This involved undertaking the remaining bachelor’s modules during my placement year before returning for the final year of study to complete the remaining master’s level modules.

For my master’s project, I developed a distributed audio system, very similar to the now popular Sonos. The application was capable of playing music over multiple devices or through different soundcards within a single device and was controlled through an Android app.

Additional Qualification

PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner – April 2016

ITIL Foundation – April 2014