Imposter Syndrome Comic

Imposter Syndrome in Consultancy

Do you find yourself feeling like you’re a fraud? Feeling like you’re getting by on chance, that your friends, colleagues and the client will soon find you out? If so, then you might be dealing with Imposter Syndrome also sometimes referred to as the Imposter Complex.

Stressed out

Stress – What is the right level of stress?

When you think of stress, you no doubt think of a situation similar to this picture. A situation of discomfort, strain and pressure, which could be caused by innumerable reasons. While this is definitely one form of stress, stress is also something that can also make you feel excited, motivated and challenged.

NuGet Logo

Local NuGet Repository

NuGet is an amazing addition to Visual Studio, it’s one of those features that you wonder how we managed without it before. The only problem is that it requires that there is an active Internet connection to use it. This means by default you’re unable to use NuGet when you’re developing out and about.