Windows Azure Free Global Bootcamp


I recently took the decision that I wanted to start to get more involved in the wider programming community, by giving back (through this blog and online through things like StackOverflow) and by attending bootcamps, so I was really pleased when I heard about how Microsoft are doing a free Windows Azure Bootcamp. The Bootcamp will be a “one day deep dive class” to introduce you to Windows Azure, this is aimed at both beginners and more seasoned Windows Azure users.

Windows Azure logo

There are prerequisites for the attending the bootcamp although none of these should be a problem, they are detailed on the prerequisites page on the bootcamps website but in summary these are;

The primary focus for this will on .NET languages some of the bootcamps around the world may provide assistance for those wishing to use PHP, Node.js and Java.

While I would absolutely love to be able to attend this bootcamp as there is one pretty close to where I live, I am away on holiday so unfortunately will not be able to attend. So while I am unable to attend I thought I would share the good news with people so that they might have a chance. If you do get to go please feel free to comment below about which of the bootcamps you attended and how you found it, go on make me really jealous.